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 The “future pitch” from QlikWorld 2020 Partner Summit


On the 28th and 29th of April, the QlikWorld Virtual Partner Summit 2020 was hosted. In these uncertain times, speeding up the decision-making process is crucial and Qlik used this momentum to highlight  importance of accelerating the time from raw data to actionable insights. The major announcements will of course be released at the “real” QlikWorld in June, but we snapped up a few clues about where they are heading. Read our three main takeaways from the summit to get a hint of what’s coming up. The registration for QlikWorld 2020 is now open – Hit the button to join in on June 24-25th!


The trend of moving data into the cloud is growing, and for good reasons. It is a faster, cost-effective, more flexible, and secure way of storing data than any on-premise solution. But keeping all these benefits in mind, we still notice ongoing resistance to cloud software. Customers are averse due to uncertainties about control, security, governance, and data migration.

Quite a notable fact, as on the other hand, we notice an increasing demand of flexibility and scalability in data storage – attributes that cloud storage easily manages. Jan Sipek, CEO at Climber, was asked what trends he sees in regards to SaaS and cloud solutions.Today, customers are demanding a more direct relation between their usage and cost of the software. They don’t want to be forced to own hardware. Flexibility is a recurring demand, especially in regards to geographic boundaries.”.

Another important aspect of data storage and security is who stands responsible for it. At Climber,we’re noticing a shift in responsibility. Jan Sipek: “Demographics are changing, and the responsibility for data and analytics is moving towards management, rather than IT.” And for the management cases, full SaaS cloud solutions support this shift. Such a solution is MQS (Managed Qlik Services) – a service by Climber.


We host and optimize the entire BI-environment in the cloud. MQS ensures that your BI-tools seamlessly integrate with your organization, everywhere and all the time.”,  according to Sipek.


Qlik’s Data Integration Platform is developing rapidly. By sharpening the tool, Qlik helps companies capture real-time data and shorten the time it takes to turn data into insights. Alongside that you find functionality that increases data visibility and ensures data automation, which guarantees a lower TCO.

Long story short: the Data Integration Platform by Qlik closes data gaps by shortening the time it takes to go from retrieving data insights to taking the right actions. You simply provide your data, and the Data Integration platform makes it that much more reliable. It truly is an end-to-end solution: in recent updates, new sources for Salesforce, MongoDB, and Google Cloud SQL were realized, even optimizing the replication of real-time data. The road map for QDI shared during the Summit, made us curious of the continued development. Qlik is on to something here and we’re super excited to hear more in June.  


As always, data literacy is high up on the agenda as a key to successful BI implementation. Now, Qlik launches a more holistic approach and offers Data Literacy as a Service including 24/7 enterprise support, education and consulting. Our take is that – increasing data literacy is a vital step to fill in data gaps and take the correct data-driven action.

The shortage of data literacy in an organisation could lead to expensive mistakes as data might be interpreted incorrectly. And the knowledge that only one out of five users is data-literate shows the pressing importance of increasing it. Apart from Qlik’s holistic approach, our Usage application can help pinpoint users that might need training or additional support. Our application will help boost data literacy in your organisation and see to that you get a positive return of your data-literacy investment.

Get a fast-track to Data Literacy in Qlik

Join us and the telecom giant Telia for a 30 min on-demand webinar on how to successfully implement self-service BI in Qlik and increase data literacy in your organisation! By enabling Self-Service BI in Qlik you’ll create a common ground for decision making, empower the users and concurrently ensure that your team works towards the same goals. In this webinar we address self-service from a user, process, platform and license aspect.

Looking forward to QlikWorld!

This year’s Partner Summit was one that enthused us to buckle up. Turning data into actionable insights quickly is obviously more important than ever, and it will be very interesting to see how the upcoming product releases support that vision. Don’t miss  Qlik World on June 24-25th! 

Any questions about the topics discussed? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Writer: Milou Bijl – BI Consultant Climber


Published 2020-05-12

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