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Our concept – You first

We believe that data driven organisations make better business decisions. But this does not happen overnight. A data driven organisation makes business decisions to develop its operations based on all available data, thereby constantly linking to the facts. This is a lengthy process, a Business Intelligence journey that starts with the users – a journey we call Creating Intelligent Business.

Creating Intelligent Business

Creating Intelligent Business is our approach to BI. We know that nobody knows an organisation better than its employees. But do you really have access to the right information to make the right decisions?

Data must be complemented with knowledge and experience in order to lead to key insights. Limited access to data generates limited space for conclusions. Our solutions open up quick and easy access to all available data, so that your employees can focus on data analysis rather than data collection. We help you unleash the full capacity of the employees in your organisation.

"Our solutions open up quick and easy access to all available data, so that your employees can focus on analysis."

Dare to trust data

A data driven culture is built on systems, data, processes and people. Such a culture calls for systems that gather and facilitate visual analysis of data from internal and external sources, as well as processes that ensure data quality. Likewise, processes for how employees interact with data and make decisions based on data are needed.

A data driven culture

When all parts of the solution are up and running, the organisation will share a picture of operations based on homogeneous data and common key performance indicators. Gathering all data in one system and making it available to the entire organisation fosters a culture of objectivity, transparency and curiosity. You can trust the information is correct and as a result dare to use it as a basis for decision making.

Think big, start small

The goal of the BI journey is to get the four elements in place and achieve a data driven approach throughout your organisation. But the journey has to start somewhere, ideally where the need for change is greatest. We look at the organisation from the value chain perspective, immerse ourselves in how your business model works and get started in the area where BI can contribute the most value. This might be a costly inventory, a time-consuming financial reporting process or understanding what affects sales margins. We then move forward in accordance to your needs, addressing potential in other business areas.

Increasing value over time

Once the BI solution has been launched, then the long-term work begins to successively improve data quality, user experience and accessibility, which will in turn increase usership and help the solution to develop further. Do the right people have access? Is the solution easy to use? Are you getting the value you expected out of it?

High quality increases confidence

Our starting point is systems, data, processes and people in order to optimise the value of your solution and investment. By providing quality we also increase confidence in your data and boost engagement internally. You will then have all the ingredients you need to make more fact-based decisions across the board. Decisions that will drive your business forward.

Where do we start your Business Intelligence journey?

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