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Climber is a data and Business Intelligence (BI) specialist, our aim is to provide our clients with a solution that helps to tackle the questions businesses and customers are asking.  Our extensive offering includes strategy, development, infrastructure and support. All of these are aimed at fulfilling our vision – Creating Intelligent Business – therefore facilitating data driven operations that enable customers to capitalise on the inherent expertise and potential of their organisation.

Our culture

Back in 2007 Climber’s founders, Jan Sipek and Michael Nordstrom, had a vision, similar to how the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century changed business and society, data and the technology encompassing it would ultimately lead to the “data revolution” of our times. Today, data and the way in which we use it has become the single most important success factor in business. As the data revolution has matured over these ten years, so has Climber. From its humble beginnings in Sweden, we now have offices in Stockholm, Linköping, Malmö, London, Helsinki and Enschede (with more exciting openings planned as our exciting journey of growth continues).

The drive and willingness to develop – whether on a personal or professional level – is a common thread that runs through Climber. We are continuously working on a culture in which people grow, develop and learn even more. We give priority to training and skill-building and organise a full-day of training per quarter. You will also develop a personal development plan based on your own commitment. If you want it – so do we.

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Working with us

At Climber, we do not limit ourselves to a certain niche but collaborate with a broad spectrum of customers, which means you will be working in fun and challenging projects over a wide range of industries and functions. The goal is to help our customers develop into data driven organisations, thereby enhancing their decision making capacity and enabling them to do better business, no matter what their field. You will be driving the customer forward on their BI journey, staying in close contact with users and helping them to better understand and monitor their operations.

There’s no place like home

Although you will be spending a lot of time on-site at our customers’ locations, your home turf will be our office at Devonshire Square, London. Here, we get together for monthly meetings, training sessions, and to celebrate our successes. One highlight is the Climber company meeting that brings together all employees from all countries for a four day conference somewhere in Europe. Last year, we hosted it in London and the planning for 2017 is in full swing. Otherwise, our company-wide internal channels are hot with people sharing knowledge, challenges, experience and curiosity on a daily basis. Also, if you happen to have any international aspirations, Climber offers lots of opportunities for working abroad.


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