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Simplify your Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting with Bizview

It can be hard to keep track of your budget, and forecast accurately, when you’re working with multiple, static spreadsheets.

By integrating Bizview with your QlikView or Qlik Sense solution, you can consolidate your planning, budgeting and forecasting into one tool and collaborate in real-time with your colleagues around the business. No more lengthy emails and delays while you seek sign-off and feedback.

Bizview helps you to plan and forecast more frequently by using a similar spreadsheet interface to Excel and a shared data source. It has built-in multi-level approvals and automated email co-ordination to ensure you are always in control.

How Bizview works

Create your own input forms

Bizview adds input functionality to your BI tool so you can collect budgeting data, analyse it and follow-up on KPIs in one solution. You create your own input forms and work in the same way as you do in Excel with corresponding formulas and functions. The tool supports a multi-step routine to simplify collaboration while maintaining control.

Analyse and plan – at the same time!

When you combine Bizview with your BI tool, you can easily look back as you plan ahead. For example, you can directly click on data from the input form you are working in and look at the historical development in Qlik. Similarly, you can take the figures from last year’s budget form and visualise them in clear graphs in a dashboard to facilitate this year’s budget work. The integration is seamless and designed to simplify and unify your financial planning.

Bizview is a scalable solution that can grow as your business grows. It can also help you to take financial planning out into the business and encourage input and collaboration from front-line employees.

About Bizview

Bizview is provided by Bizview Systems, a partner of Climber since 2015. It is a Norwegian company founded in 2001 and represented around Europe through partners. Today, over 1000 different companies use the tool.

Demo, price or more information?

Contact us when you want to know more about Bizview, get a quote or book a demo. We can show you how the tool works and how it can be combined with your Qlik solution.

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