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Tools for a truly personalised solution

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are the key to fact-based decision making and facilitating a data driven culture. In addition to providing answers to your questions by enabling you to better explore and analyse your data, BI tools should also make it easy to engage, understand, communicate, collaborate and share data. We have chosen to work with market-leading technology to cover the comprehensive analysis and reporting needs of our customers. Using a range of tools, we create a scalable platform that facilitate bespoke solutions and makes it easy to share them throughout the organisation.


Your processes for monitoring and analysis are key factors in determining how the solution is designed and what features you need. Do you want to share the information in reports, internally and externally? What business units will be using the platform? How responsive does the platform need to be? Should the solution be embedded and is it possible to reach via the intranet or web? Do you want to work from a predetermined structure or do you want to build your own visualisations and add your own data?

What you want to achieve with BI determines which tools should be used in the solution. It can also be integrated with tools for budgeting, forecasting, planning and data warehousing. We customise your solution using various tools to suit the way you work and what you want to accomplish.

Qlik Sense

Analytics platform that enables you to create visualisations, dashboards and reports with the aim of creating intelligence business decisions.

Qlik NPrinting

Customised Qlik reports distributed to the right people at the right time.

Vizlib Extensions

Adding functionality and visualisations that empowers Qlik Sense.


Planning, budgeting, and forecasting – easy and accessible.