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– A Legend’s Take –


AI was certainly the hot topic at Qlik Connect this year, so I decided to put these tools to the test to help me write this blog. As you will be able to tell, I’m a big fan of the 2004 classic film Anchorman!

I had a large collection of notes – pure, unadulterated brilliance, straight from the mind of yours truly. But these needed to be transformed into something truly spectacular. Enter ChatGPT, the digital maestro.

Author: Alex Booth, Business Development Manager, Climber.

Day 1: Welcome to the Data Jungle!

You’re watching Channel 4 News with the five-time Emmy Award winning anchor Alex Burgundy.

Hello Qlik enthusiasts! Alex Burgundy here, bringing you the latest insights from Qlik Connect in Orlando. Let me tell you, this event was kind of a big deal. The atmosphere was buzzing, conversations were engaging. And the announcements? Well, they were nothing short of legendary.

We started things off light with some partner update sessions and global partner awards. The excitement was electrifying as we celebrated the achievements of Qlik’s partners. As always, it’s the people that make these events and Qlik’s success truly special.

Day 2: By the Beard of Zeus!

The second day started with a keynote kick-off that could rival any jazz flute solo. It included demos of some of the latest Qlik features that will be available for Cloud customers soon. We were then released onto the expo floor to a whirlwind of innovation and discovery. AI-ready data was the hot topic, with discussions centering on how to trust your AI data, build confidence, and avoid the dreaded “garbage in, garbage out” scenarios.

The day was filled with transformative ideas:

  • Integration of Stitch into Qlik Talend Cloud: Simplifying data usage for smarter AI adoption.
  • Introduction of Qlik Answers: Revolutionising access to unstructured data with intuitive generative AI.
  • Evolution of Modern Analytics: Combining standard BI functionalities like visualisations and reporting with AI (Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis) and bolstering Generative AI (using LLMs to gain deeper insights from data).
  • Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS: Paving the way for reliable enterprise AI and data utilisation.

The idea is to bring AI workloads into your data pipelines and BI applications, whilst ensuring your data is prepped and ready. Pure poetry in motion, if you ask me.

Day 3: Great Odin’s Raven!

The final day featured a panel discussion by Qlik’s AI council, composed of some of the world’s leading experts in AI development and advisory. This was followed by an inspiring talk from Greg Robinson, NASA Program Director of the James Webb Space Telescope. He focused on development efficiency, management processes, contractor performance, and mission success.

The key takeaway? Businesses need to walk before they can run. Establish the basics before advancing or plan meticulously before launching into space! Eliminating manual reporting and embracing the journey to the cloud and AI is crucial. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Remember folks, being quick to adopt doesn’t mean rushing in without a plan.

The Big Announcements: Well, isn’t that special?

Here’s a quick rundown of the major event announcements that you don’t want to miss:

  • Qlik Talend Cloud: Streamlining data access for smarter AI adoption.
  • Qlik Answers: Transforming access to unstructured data with intuitive generative AI.
  • Unified Data Store: Breaking down the silos between business units and the rise of the Data Product Owners.
  • AI-Powered Data Transformation: No-code/low-code data transformation and “text to SQL” functionality powered by AI to speed up and simplify data handling.
  • Strategic Collaboration with AWS: Creating a clear path for enterprise AI and data utilisation.

Looking Ahead: Stay Classy, Qlik!

As we look forward, remember that the journey to the cloud is a key project for any business. Choosing the right platforms and tools and engaging with the best partners is essential. Leverage the expertise and knowledge of our incredible Qlik community to drive your business outcomes.

Thank you for letting me share the highlights of Qlik Connect Orlando. It’s been a pleasure bringing you the updates in true Burgundy style.

If you enjoyed this blog, make sure you join us for a full-day event on the 16th of July in London to learn how Qlik’s AI capabilities can take you from the AI hype to reality.

Stay classy, Qlik community!
Alex Burgundy, signing off.

Climber Qlik Connect Blog 2024

Using three different Gen AI models, which has done me the most justice in making Alex Booth more Ron Burgundy – A, B, or C?


Alex Booth

Business Development Manager
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James Sharp

UK Partner Managing Director
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Published 2024-06-14

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