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It’s no secret that data-driven companies outperform their competitors. And while most companies use some form of BI solution today, many don’t know how to maximize their return on investment. While the answer is easy (by increasing employee engagement!), getting everyone on board is not. Climber recently conducted a survey of our customers to understand how they use BI and how we can help them get more out of their BI investment. According to the results, the key lies in boosting data literacy and BI self-service among employees.

So, what is data literacy and self-service BI? And why are they so important?

Data literacy is the ability of employees to derive meaningful insights from data and use them in a way that benefits the organization. Self-service BI enables non-technical users to filter, sort, analyze and visualize data without involving the organization’s BI and IT teams. Basically, helping employees to help themselves.

»Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data.« 

 Dan Sommer and Olof Malmström will teach you how to speak the international language of data in this 2-minute video and how you succeed with data literacy. 

How data literate are you?

Why are some companies more successful with BI than others? The Qlik Usage Survey 2018 gives you an insight!

Over the years, Climber has found that successful organizations establish data-first cultures that encourage the use of data, with strong support for the use of facts in decision making and a culture that celebrates curiosity and critical thinking. The most accurate measurements of BI success are engagement, adoption, its impact on decision making, and how well the solution fits the company’s operations. Taking a deeper look at this, we wanted to map out which factors have an impact on BI success using Qlik-based solutions and how we can help our customers get more out of their investment. The survey was sent to our BI contacts at customers in the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden during the months of June and July in 2018. Below, you will find a summary of the results and the main insights.

To all of you who took the time to complete the survey, many thanks. We highly appreciate your participation.

The take home from the survey

– How much do you use your Qlik solution?

In the survey, some 63% of our respondents believed that Qlik is a business-critical solution and 51% use it on a daily basis. Some 41% said that better training would increase deployment of their solution, while 51% said that enhanced self-service functionality would attract more users.  Top usage was seen in Sales (78%), followed by Finance (73%) and Production (44%).  Survey respondents believed the areas that would benefit the most from BI usage going forward are Sales, Finance, Marketing, Production, and Warehousing & Logistics. Training and lack of interest were seen as the main barriers to the success of the solution.

– Which factors impact on Qlik usage?

Key to our findings is that the most critical requirement for the success of any BI system is buy-in – from management and employees alike. Employee training and implementation of self-service tools are key. If employees are not trained in data literacy and how to incorporate and use these decision-support tools into their everyday workflow, then the best BI solution will not amount to more than a nice set of colourful graphs.

Overview of responding companies

Company Size – Annual revenue (MEUR) and number of employees

11 % have more than 500 employees and an annual revenue of 500 MEUR.
14 % have approx. 250 employees and an annual revenue of up to 100 MEUR.

Respondent Personas

BI Decisionmaker: CEO, CFO, Director of Supply Chain, Director of Operations, Head of Controlling etc.
BI Manager: Business Intelligence Manager, Head of BI, Head of Data & Analytics, Business Development Manager IT etc.
BI Developer: Solution Architect, System Developer, Consultant, Data Scientist, System Specialist etc.
BI User: Business Controller, Data Analyst, Financial Controller, Business Developer, Analyst etc.

Usage analysis

RESPONDING Companies Usage Pattern

51 % use Qlik daily
39 % use Qlik weekly
7 % use Qlik monthly


Business-critical or complementary solution?

To 63 % of the companies, Qlik is a business-critical solution. 7 % commented that Qlik is a BI solution, both a complementary and a critical solution, or that it’s a complementary solution today but on its way becoming a business-critical solution.


Top 5 business areas that would benefit most from increased usage of Qlik going forward

1. Sales 61 %
2. Finance 41 %
3. Marketing 34 %
4. Production 29 %
5. Warehousing & Logistics 27 %

Marketing has the largest potential compared to how it’s being used today. IT and Procurement & Sourcing are the business areas with lowest potential.

Barriers for further Qlik deployment

Barriers by persona

The decision makers consider the costs to be the main barrier, compared to the developers who see training and lack of interest as the main barriers. According to the users the Qlik solution lacks functions and the Bi Managers see a need of more licenses

The top 5 main barriers for further Qlik deployment

The responding companies were asked to give multiple answers.
1. 29 %, consider Lack of training to be the main barrier to further Qlik deployment.
2. 27 % answered that Lack of functions were the main barrier.
3. 24 % answered Other and commented that costs of development and licenses, infrastructure, the internal approval process and other project processes were the barriers.
4. 22 % said that they do Not have enough licenses.
5. 20 % answered Lack of interest.


The top 5 main enablers that would increase deployment of Qlik within the organisation

The responding companies were asked to give multiple answers.
1. Increased functionality 51 %
2. Better Data Quality 41 %
3. Training 41 %
4. Embedded in other apps or intranet 37 %
5. Improved design 34 %

We help you boost data literacy and BI self-service among employees

Are you new to Qlik or want to increase BI engagement within your organization? Climber can help you with both by complementing your existing BI platform with new layers of end-user self-service data discovery tools, and by providing training to help employees understand what data is available and how to use it to make data-driven decisions. Sound interesting? Contact us!

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