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Everyone has different requirements, business users need the power to quickly create visualisations and analyse data without waiting for IT. And, the IT team need the granular control to provide a guided experience for their users. Qlik is a leader in data discovery delivering intuitive solutions for self service data visualisation and guided analytics, meaning all areas of the business can make use of it. QlikView and Qlik Sense apps can use the same underlying data models and many of the technical skills within your organisation apply to both solutions. With QlikView, IT and technical business analysts can build powerful guided data visualisation and discovery apps that empower their users with interactive access to data.

Get rapid answers with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a responsive, web-based BI tool that enables users in your organisation to create flexible, interactive data visualisations and make meaningful decisions. Designed to give users rapid answers to their questions, it gathers data from multiple sources, including internal, external and Big Data sources, providing you both with a complete picture of a specific area and your overall operations. Qlik Sense is based on an associative, in-memory technology facilitating multiple parallel users.


Qlik Sense is based on flexible, eye-catching visualisations that make analytics easy to communicate and understand. As a user, you have the power to shape your analysis according to what you want to know. From a library of predefined metrics and KPIs, you can drag-and-drop to create your own visualisations and reports. You can also load your own data to further expand the capability of the analysis. You can also:

– Use the platform on any device or screen desktop, smart phones and tablets – and conduct the analysis with you to a meeting, to the shop or at the warehouse.

– Compile information as a PDF, PPT, Word reports and send them via email, intranet or the web to selected receivers through the NPrinting reporting component.

– Search your entire data and find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Qlik Sense has a smart search function that accelerates discovery by linking your search word with all related values and dimensions in order of the strength of the association.


Guided Data Analysis with QlikView

Having to retrieve and analyse information from static reports is a reality for many companies today. Not only are they time consuming to modify but they are also hard to analyse. QlikView is a flexible and well-established BI tool for data analysis and reporting that collects and visualises data from different sources and information systems. You can track your metrics, and see trends and performance over time, and examine causes in order to make decisions on what you want to change or develop.

QlikView is used all over the world as a guided analytics tool to monitor operations. By consolidating data from; for example CRM, ERP, data warehouses and Excel in one place, you get a centralised source of information that covers your entire organisation.


In QlikView, you work with predefined analysis known as – Guided Analytics – in business-ready BI solutions. This means that you are provided with extensive data to explore and analyse through a set of predefined dashboards, graphs, tables and calculations. Simply click and select, and you explore the information from different perspectives and analyse activity down to the transaction level.


In QlikView, in-memory processing compresses the data up to ten times, enabling high performance and accelerated discovery despite vast amounts of data. Top-down control of analytics, permissions and data management secures who has access to what information and ensures that analytics are set according to a controlled structure.

Create customised reports with Qlik NPrinting

How are your sales compared to budget? What is the bestselling product? What were the aggregate sick leave days this month? How does that impact salary? With Qlik NPrinting’s drag-and-drop feature you can filter information for customised reports relative to the user, responding to direct questions or giving them overarching issues to address. These reports can be distributed via email, the intranet or other channels to one or multiple users in the organisation. You decide the timing and frequency of distribution, and the format of the report – PDF, HTML, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The need for static reports has been around since the inception of Business Intelligence. Qlik NPrinting provides an enterprise ready platform to allow for the sharing of data throughout the organisation. NPrinting provides the ability to send information to users as and when required as well as provide a digital platform to deep dive into data.

Sending out batch reports to the whole organisation with a direct link to the innovative digital Qlik platform is now possible. Organisations can now share information and with the click of a button access the data and navigate through to perform their analysis.

The ability to generate on demand reports based upon user selections is possible, in today’s world there are thousands of reports sitting up opened in people’s inbox. With NPrinting’s On Demand functionality this is a thing of the past, users can request a report as and when they need it. Taking this one step further users are able to access the NewStand. This is a portal to the reporting repository for an organisation, users can subscribe to the reports they have access to and wish to receive on a regular basis.

Why Qlik NPrinting? Learn more in this webinar!

– Webinar: Achieve more value from your data with Qlik NPrinting – 

In this webinar, we cover the role of reporting in a modern BI platform; how you can achieve greater value from your data via report distribution; and how Qlik NPrinting eliminates the need for traditional stack vendors, allowing you to consolidate analytics and reporting under a single platform. Topics include: architectural guidance when deploying Qlik NPrinting, the authoring of various types of reports and options for distribution and consumption.

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