Our Mission

Organisations are crying out for better ways to make decisions and analyse their growing data resources. Using market leading technology and our vast experience, Climber can help blend and integrate data empowering clients to make real data driven decisions. Our data discovery solutions expose insights into your business, helping you streamline processes, identify new business opportunities, and thereby enabling your business to increase profitability and growth. We call it Creating Intelligent Business – a journey that we would love to take you on. Contact us and let us show you how.


Business Intelligence & Business Discovery

As decision making windows are shrinking, traditional tools become less and less valuable since they can’t cope with the multiple layers of complex analytics across multiple data sources. We help businesses get ahead of this challenge, delivering deep and rich analytics that directly bringing the user to the point of decision.



Key to Climber’s offering is our expertise and deep understanding of the technology stack available on the market. We constantly review the technology market to ensure we offer our clients the best in breed. Our main partner is the leading BI vendor Qlik and we work with their analytics platform including the tools QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Supporting Services

Building a solution is important, but maintaining the investment is even more critical. Climber supporting services ensures your platform is performing optimally and ensures the end user a smooth and reliable experience. Speak to our Supporting Services team to find out how you can benefit.

Our approach

As a trusted advisor our goal is to ensure our clients receive the very best guidance and advice around their strategic platforms and solutions. Our mission to create intelligent business, ensures we provide the right consultants, software and environments to maximise the value, and decrease the time it takes to make a business decision in every instance. Working with market leading platforms, we offer our clients and partners the very best solutions in the market.

Our Clients

Since our launch in 2005, Climber has been working with a diverse range of clients ranging in size from large publicly listed organisations through to small startups. We have developed thousands of solutions for more than 300 local and international companies.

Our Team

The most valuable resource for both Climber and our clients are our people. They are the ones that make our solutions market leading. Climber has consultants all over Europe working in a vast array of engagements. The UK team makes up 30 of our 96 total European taskforce, with skills ranging from Business Consultants, Enterprise Architects, Solution Developers, right through to Learning and Development professionals.

Shay has global project experience having worked in Europe, USA and Asia for 8 years. As CTO he monitors technology and social trends within the Business Intelligence community, to improve strategic decisions. Shay is a tech enthusiast and has an interest in martial arts.

Emma has a wealth of experience in different industries from Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate and Audit services. Working as Business Intelligence Manager, Emma manages the team of consultants. Emma is an avid Hockey player and regularly plays in a country wide league.

As our UK CEO, David has advised large Tier 1 investment banks through to technology startups on their data strategies with a passion for creating intelligent business. When not talking data, David is either in front of fine wine or in an airplane seat.

Consultant with an abundance of financial experience, having worked in Equities and Derivatives for over 3 years. Currently undertaking his CFA, Nathanael is looking to expand his experience within the financial domain. He enjoys spending his free time exercising.

Originally from Sweden, but current managing the support and deployment team in U.K. Working in the business intelligence domain since 2011. Enjoys IT, data and new technology. In his spare time David enjoys diving, cooking and a good rum.

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