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In 2020 Climber joined forces with Digia, a software and services company based in Helsinki with more than 1,500 employees, and customers worldwide. Digia’s offering covers all layers of digitalisation and data utilisation: digital services, business systems, integration, and API solutions as well as solutions for data management and analytics. Digia is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki (DIGIA), and the net sales in 2023 were EUR 192 million.


Climber merges with the Finnish Data Utilisation Powerhouse Digia Plc

We’re excited to announce that Climber is joining forces with the Finnish Data Utilisation Powerhouse Digia Plc, founded in 2005. On 15 December 2020, Digia Plc and Climber International AB have signed an agreement whereby Digia Plc will acquire the entire share capital of the Swedish company Climber International AB. It is planned that the acquisition will be implemented on 7 January 2021. After the acquisition, Digia will have more than 300 data integration and business analytics professionals as part of their organisation. Read more>>


Digia – Unlock Your Intelligence

Digia is a software and services company that combines technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business, society, and a sustainable future. Our mission is to ensure that our customers are at the forefront of digital evolution. When processes and services are digitalised, the ever-growing volume of data becomes available for key functions, making it possible to steer, optimise, and modernise processes. Digia supports those processes by planning how to use data in business operations, and implementing technical solutions, smart algorithms, and the data platforms required for data utilisation.

Digias Services

Digia’s services cover all layers of digitalisation by building functional entities using digital services, integration, data utilisation, and systems that support organisations core processes.

Customers and projects

Digia is rooted in Finland and provides services globally as a trusted operator in several sectors.
Read more about Digia’s customers and successful projects on their website.

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