QlikView Design

What is good QlikView design?Designed

It is a question which we are constantly asking ourselves as we remain at the forefront and are constantly developing and designing QlikView applications.

Words like indicative, functional, role-based, “WOW”, consistent, immediate, clear, uniform, visually enticing and intuitive are words that we think are important and which a good design should emulate.

Why is a good design important for QlikView applications?
We can clearly see that design and user-friendliness go hand in hand. A well-designed QlikView application is indicative and user-friendly, and not just visually attractive. This will lead to greater use and, consequently, greater business value.

We also work with design upgrades for existing QlikView applications that need a facelift.

In our design portfolio you have a few examples of different QlikView applications we have developed and designed. Here, you can also see examples of how a design upgrade can appear with before and after pictures.

Download ClimberDesign_portfolio_2014