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Smart functionality that makes Qlik Sense even easier to use. Climber extensions will make your Qlik Sense experience even better! Make informed decisions faster than ever before.

When it comes to your Business Intelligence tool, if it’s user-friendly, fun and intuitive, people will use it more and ultimately enable you to get more from your data. Enter Climber Extensions – with which you can seamlessly add different functions and visualisations that help make Qlik Sense even easier to use and more accessible. At Climber, we have developed a series of extensions for more flexible, user-friendly and transparent solutions in Qlik Sense. We have also developed extensions especially for people in the finance department, such as the finance report, custom report, and KPI extensions, which make up a complete business solution in Qlik Sense. What’s more, if you’re using QlikView today, extensions are the way to an even better BI solution while still retaining some of the old QlikView functionality.

What are Climber Qlik Sense Extensions?

Our Extensions

Extensions allow you to add functionality and visualizations that make Qlik Sense even easier to use. Looking for charts that are more dynamic? Or other smart visualizations that display your story even better? Need easier data selection? Or how about adding financial statement functionality to your BI tool? Climber Extensions have got you covered. With Climber extensions, we can meet all your visual, functional and business needs, providing you with a complete BI solution in Qlik Sense.


The Climber Selection Bar is the swiss army knife of our extensions that help you make selections quickly and constantly see the result. This horizontal selection bar has pre-selected values that allow fields, variables, and flags to be displayed. It is used in almost all our Qlik Sense applications and is the perfect way to create a nice toolbar. The extension also enables preset selections, linking to other Qlik Sense documents (document chaining), and make it easy to set variables and select dates. Watch the tutorial to see all the features.

The Climber Selection Bar extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.


An image says more than words. The Climber Cards extension allows you to include images in your table to make the dashboard look nicer. You can add pictures of products, logos, or even people to make your dashboard or lists more alive. This table extension with cards as cells and a responsive design also has selections, multiple layout and image size options as well as a “Select and Go to Sheet” mode. Check out all the features in the tutorial!

The Climber Cards extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

KPI icon


Dashboards and KPIs can look nice and show the trend too. With the Climber KPI extension, we can create KPIs with configurable colors and trends. We can even show the target compared to actuals over time. This gives a lot more insight than just a simple number but still looks great. The extension is fully responsive and works well for showing images. It works and acts just like a standard object in Qlik Sense and make it easy to navigate from your dashboard to details on other sheets. Check out the tutorial to see how!

The Climber KPI extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

The Climber Mekko Extension for Qlik Sense


Seeing multiple dimensions over time is sometimes very informative. With the Climber Mekko chart, it is possible to display the share of a total over time. You can quickly understand how your product mix is changing while keeping the full flexibility of Qlik Sense. The extension is responsive so don’t worry about different sizes; the extension will adjust the text accordingly. Contact us to get a demo of all the features!

The Climber Mekko extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.


When there is only so much space and you still want a lot of options the Container extension does the trick. The Container object allows us to include alternative objects in the same space. The user can select what object to see either through a menu or just simple icons. A powerful but simple addition to the Qlik Sense user interface. More advanced users (super users or developers) can use powerful expressions to control what object is shown based on values or selections in the application making the experience both guided and flexible. Check out all features in the tutorial to the right.

The Climber Container extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

The Climber Custom Report Extension Icon


The Custom Report is our most famous extension that covers the gap between using and developing. An easy-to-use extension that allows you to create custom tables based on data in master tables. The super users can easily create a template that is easy and safe for everyone to use. The user gets the flexibility of adding and removing data from the table, moving and sorting columns but do not have to worry about the calculations being correct. See how it works in the tutorial!

The Climber Custom Report extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.


The Climber Custom Report Extension Icon   


Do you want a dynamic pivot table? With the Custom Report extension, we create a dynamic straight table. With the Custom Report Plus you can do the same with both straight tables and pivot tables. We have also added functionality for saving preset layouts within the extension. Contact us to schedule a demo!

The Climber Custom Report Plus extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

The Climber P&L Extension Icon


The finance department has specific needs around formatting and functionality for tables that are very different from other analysis. If you have tried to create a Profit & Loss table or a Balance Sheet within Qlik you have experienced the limitations of standard analytic tables. With the Finance Report (P&L) extension, we have created a table targeted specifically to the needs of a finance department. You can easily create your financial tables and make them look just like the CFO wants it. Check out the tutorial to see how!

The Climber Finance Report extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

THE Finance Report+ EXTENSION

With the Finance Report Plus extension, you can take reporting to the next level by adding live comments to the data. Within the financial report, users can add comments to the data. The setup is completely secure and it is possible to set up multiple levels of reporting. For example, a department can comment on their data, the regional manager can add their view and the CEO can see the whole picture. The comments are added in real time and there are no reloads or waiting required to see the comments. Contact us to schedule a demo!

The Climber Finance Report Plus extension is available by subscription. Contact us to find out more and sign up for a subscription.

How do things work?


Climber Extensions are available by monthly subscription and contracts are entered into on a company basis. You select the package that best suits your needs – Self-Service, Visual, Finance, Finance+ – and sign up for a monthly subscription. Fees are based on the number of user licenses in Qlik Sense (tokens, professional or analyzer users). The extensions can be used on all applications and by all users. Subscriptions are ongoing, without fixed terms, which means that you can end them whenever you like, simply paying to the end of the quarter. You can also upgrade from one extension package to another whenever you like.



We offer four different extension packages – Self Service, Visual, Finance and Finance +, all available by subscription.

Installation & support

The subscription includes installation, normal product support, updates and any additions we make to the packages over time.


Once you’ve subscribed to an extension, the next step is installation. Our Climber Expert Services team is dedicated to infrastructure, installation and support for both Qlik solutions and Climber extensions. They will install the selected extension package in your IT environment, locally on your servers, and make sure that it is up and running smoothly using your data.


Once the installation has been completed, you may book a workshop together with a developer, during which we will go through how the extensions work. You will also receive a how-to-guide.


Your extension subscription also includes normal product support in order to make sure that your extensions work seamlessly with new releases of Qlik Sense. All support cases are managed via our infrastructure team Climber Expert Services. Contact them whenever you need help or register your case via our support portal JIRA.

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FAQ – Climber Extensions

Why should we pay for extensions?

The free extensions on Qlik Branch (and elsewhere) are usually created to solve one thing in a single situation. They are not built to be supported and maintained. The support offered is free and therefore without any obligations. What we have built with our extensions is something very different. We put a lot of effort into making sure the extensions are maintainable over time. This includes everything from following coding standards to thinking ahead to allow for future functions to be added with minimal impact for the users. We check the extensions with each new version of Qlik Sense and continuously add new features. Our extensions are Stable, Secure and Supported!

What is included in the subscription?

The subscription includes normal product support and any upgrades and additions we make to the packages over time. Typically we support new versions of Qlik Sense within a few weeks of release and updates and bug-fixes are released every month.

We are a partner and want to sell your extensions. How do we proceed?

Our subscription is currently not available through partners but if you are interested in behalf of one of your clients we would be happy to assist with a demo and presentation. Any contract would be direct between us and the end customer but we would of course not infringe on any other part of your relationship with the client. You can run the project as you wish. The consultant help you would need from us to get started with the Climber Finance Report extension is very minimal and for the other extensions, you would normally not need any help at all.

Will the extensions work in QAP (mashups)?


What type of developer skills are needed?

For the Climber Finance Report extension, the template and example we supply will get an experienced consultant going without any assistance. For the comments-functionality in our Finance Report Plus extension, you would need a bit of technical assistance in setting the environment up. Other than that the extensions should be rather self-explanatory and ready to use with the included instructions.

Where can I find the Finance Report (P&L) extension?

The Finance Report (P&L) extension is not available on Qlik Branch. It is sold as part of our Finance Package. Information on available packages is available in the table above. The model is a monthly subscription which gives access to the extensions including updates and fixes.

What are the payment options?

We offer the extensions on a monthly subscription basis and the default payment is a quarterly invoice. You may choose yearly or monthly invoices if that suits you better.

Are you interested in a subscription? Contact us!

Please get in touch to find out more about our extensions and subscribe to one of our extension packages. You can also book an online demo using the form below.

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