Company History

Originally conceived as part of an ERP consultancy in 2005, we forged a tight cooperation under that banner with QlikTech by functioning as their consultants. Once the QlikView licenses had been sold we typically became involved to guarantee the success of the implementation. Early in 2007 we decided to embed our operations into a separate unit – Climber. The strategy was clear: 100% focus on building applications based on QlikView. This focus, unique at the time, gave us a genuine competitive advantage. Since then we have continued to invest heavily in building competence and our company culture reflects this.

Having established ourselves as a centre of excellence by this time, it made sense for us to become a reseller and thus complement our consulting business with the associated software sales. Significant growth ensued: we tripled our turnover in one year. We expanded into Malmö, Göteborg, Linköping, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. Then Lehman Brothers fell and we had to postpone our ambitious expansion plans accordingly. By September 2009 we were ready to continue our growth.

In order to better fulfil our customer needs, we reorganised ourselves around this period into specialist groups: BICC, Finance, Sales, Service Management, Supply Chain and Expert Services. Since By this time we were looking after so many customers who were using our solutions for mission-critical applications that we felt the time was right to establish a dedicated support desk as part of an Expert Services group. Not only could we provide the best QlikView competence outside of QlikTech, we could also guarantee service levels for our solutions.

As our larger customers began to rely upon many different QlikView applications, occasionally from several different QlikView suppliers, we found ourselves becoming engaged, not only in the consolidation of multiple QlikView solutions, but also in the definition of the roadmap, and the delivery of the associated processes for the fully fledged enterprise BI – solution.

In 2010 we established business in Benelux and in 2011 we set up operations in Germany and UK. We are following our strategy: to maintain our position as the QlikTech’s largest partner: the de facto choice capable of successfully delivering, not just the largest, but often the most challenging and complex rollouts worldwide. In more than a dozen countries where we have not yet opened an office, we have developed a similar delivery capability through our network of partners.

Last but not least, we have expanded our ambitions from being the top QlikView consultants to becoming the top BI – consultants. We have been busy hiring business consultants to complement our QlikView consultants so that we are now able to act as trusted advisors to line managers to secure a continuous improvement process powered by our solutions.

We have also created our “Creating Intelligent Business” offering where we work with CEOs in a top-down approach to identifying and realising profit improvements through improved information access.