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Climber Company Tweaking 2020

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary actions.
Company Meeting – as we know it – will take a break this year. Instead, we’re building something new.
Better. Together. Short-term and for the long run.

Join us for the Climber Company Tweaking 2020!  A two-day online event with offline elements in smaller groups, as well as virtual workouts and the Climber Kahoot Championship. Start by signing up via the form below and choose your area of interest!

When: 13-14th Aug  •  Time: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM CET  • Where: World Wide Web.
Exact address and agenda will be communicated two weeks prior to the event.

Rough Agenda

Looking back to fuel our future

10.00 Welcome!

10.30 General Session: Climber 2019/2020

11.30 General Session: Country Update

12.00 Virtual Lunch Workout

13.00 General Session: 2020 Theme KPIs
Customers sharing their stories

15.30 Dinner & Activity Outdoors
Hosted by the Local CM

Masterminding for times to come

10.00 General Session: Climber Awards 2020

10.30 Workshop: Theme 2020 KPIs – Deep Dive
Workshop in smaller groups. Choose your area of interest.

11.30 Virtual Lunch Workout

13.00 General Session: Climber 2020+
Closing session by Jan Sipek on our way forward

14.00 Virtual Drinks & Climber Kahoot Final

14.30 General Session: Creative Power.
Inspirational session by Magnus Lindqvist.

15.30 Dinner & Activity Outdoors

We look forward to
virtually meeting you!

Jan Sipek

Managing Director
+46 70 911 91 09

Carolina Mistander

Company Tweaking General
+46 72 352 35 09

Let us know that you are joining!

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